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 If your iPhone battery charge is falling, the batterys health is deteriorating and daily performance management is not helping then you may want to consider replacing the existing battery for a brand new replacement. iParts4u source new premium quality batteries that have CE, RoHS and UN38.1 compliance. These are the best aftermarket batteries that are available for the iPhone range and the ideal battery replacement for your mobile phone.

iPhone Batteries


Can I repair or replace my iPhone battery?

Yes, you certainly can - replacing a battery does require a certain level of expertise and not following guides or safety precautions can be dangerous, but if competent and done correctly there is no reason why you shouldn't replace your own battery. We would recommend that your battery is below 20% charge when doing this type of repair and to watch and read online guides to do this repair before undertaking it, to ensure you have an idea of what it entails. Alternatively, give us a call and we can walk you through the repair without breaking your credit card on an official replacement with high Apple charges.


Does replacing an iPhone battery void my Apple warranty?

No, if your battery needs replacing then you probably have an out of warranty battery already. This is because a battery lasts around 500 charge cycles, which is typically around 18 to 24 months of usage. However, replacing a component will not void the warranty unless the original manufacturer can prove that part caused further damage, however, they would not be responsible for replacing the battery under warranty at a later date as this would not be the original. 


Why is the shipping cost so high on iPhone batteries? 

This is because lithium-ion batteries are classed as international dangerous goods and they cannot be sent with couriers such as Royal Mail; they have to go with a courier service which allows for these types of batteries and they have to go on a fully tracked service with specific safety labels and packaging. This, unfortunately, costs more than your average Royal Mail large letter service. 

Wait, other sellers on eBay send them for free, why don't iParts4u?

We secure our batteries in the correct packaging and with the correct safety labels and they are sent on the correct legal courier services. We cannot say for certain, but if other sellers are sending on a cheaper service, then they are probably fibbing couriers and not sending the batteries the following safety guidelines, thus avoiding the safety fees.  There are strict fines in place for any company sending batteries illegally. If you are happy to buy these, allegedly, high-quality parts from this type of seller don't let us stop you - but don't say we didn't warn you!


How long will it take for me to repair an iPhone battery? 

In short, not too long, although this is subject to which phone you have. The longer answer is to check some online guides and see how long it takes to do the repair for your model, although an example would be that a 4S battery replacement can take around 10 minutes to do, however an iPhone 7 can take an hour, or longer, if you look to replace the waterproof seal. 


How long will it take for my iParts4u battery to arrive? 

All batteries are sent out on a next working day service within the UK, this means if you order Monday to Thursday before our cut off time, you will be sure to receive the replacement battery the very next day. There are options to get delivery on a Saturday if ordering on a Friday, however, there is an extra charge to this.


Are iParts4u batteries OEM?

Our replacements are made to similar specification and ratings as the Apple batteries fitted in the UK, however, we cannot claim they are "OEM" as these are not made by Apple. Apple does not like to supply parts to anyone. Our batteries are brand new, fully tested and come with a warranty, should you need it. 

If you see any other seller selling the batteries as OEM, please beware. 


What if I don't live near an Apple repair centre and don't want to do the repair myself? 

Replacing the phone's battery yourself might be easier than you think - watch some YouTube guides or look at some repair guides online. However, we understand if you would prefer to let a professional repair your mobile batteries, give us a call or contact us here to find a local professional repair centre. 


If my iPhone is too old for Apple's replacement battery programme, what can I do?

We have you covered - with our full range of phone batteries we can get you back on track and have your tired old battery replaced, this will keep you going for years to come and ensure your mobile device is running at full speed.


What warranty will I get with my new iParts4u battery for iPhone?  

All batteries supplied by iParts4u will be guaranteed for 6 months and tested to ensure all batteries meet our quality standards.  This will ensure all batteries that leave us will be a brand new zero cycle count, which will have been tested to ensure that the voltage is over 3 volts and that the batteries charge is no less than 20% charged. This testing procedure ensures that our fault rate is one of the lowest in this industry. 


What if I have more questions? 

No problem, get in contact with us and we will be happy to assist you through the contact us page.

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