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How To Identify Your iPhone Model

Identify Your iPhone Handset If You Are Unsure

Apple has produced a wide range of mobile handheld smartphones over the years and the trend looks set to continue in the future.  From the early 3G released in 2008/09 to the later models including the XS and XS max, this has been a family of devices that have been hugely successful. One of the world’s ‘must-have’ personal pieces of tech, Apple’s phone range has been a massive success for the company. With cutting-edge technical features, user-friendliness and a great, ‘cool’  look, these were and remain the phones to be seen with. Other manufacturers are starting to haul this uber-successful range of devices back but Apple still has ‘the look’. This has lead to a very busy market in re-sales of handsets from this range smartphone. Strange though it may seem, with the second-hand phone market so vibrant, we see customers how have purchased a smartphone but aren’t necessarily exactly which model they’ve bought. We want to demystify the apple family and have produced a handy guide below to the iPhone family (and we will add to it as new models are released).

If you’re unsure which smartphone from Apple you have, then look over our table below which may help you identify it.  Of course, having identified your phone, if you need some replacement parts then you can check out our range of replacements and spares for the entire range of Apple phones.



Handset Image

Model Info

Handset Image

Model info

iPhone XS Model


IP XS - A1920 - A2097 - A2098 (Japan) - A2100 (China) 2018.

iPhone XS MAX


IP XS Max - A1921 - A2101 - A2102 (Japan) - A2104 (China) 2018.

iPhone XR


IP XR - A1894 - A1205 - A1206 (Japan) - A1208 (China) 2018.

iPhone X


IP X - A1865 - A1901 - A1902 (Japan) 2017.

iPhone 8 handset


IP 8 - A1863 - A1905 - A1906 (Japan) 2017.

iPhone 8 Plus cellphone image

IP 8 Plus - A1864 - A1897 - A1898 (Japan) 2017.

Model of iPhone 7

IP 7 - A1660 - A1778 - A1779 (Japan) 2016.

iPhone 7 Plus handset image


IP 7 Plus - A1661 - A1784 - A1785 (Japan) 2016.

Apple iPhone 6S picture

IP 6S - A1633 - A1688 - A1700 (Japan) 2015.

picture of an iPhone 6S Plus


IP 6S Plus - A1634 - A1687 - A1699 (Japan) 2015.

iPhone 6 handset image


IP 6 - A1549 - A1586 - A1589. 2014.

iPhone 6 Plus handset picture

IP 6 Plus - A1522 - A1524 - A1593.  2014.

picture of an iPhone SE phone


IP SE - A1723 - A1662- A1724. 2016.

iPhone 5S cellphone picture


IP 5S - A1453 - A1457 - A1518 - A1528 - A1530 - A1533.  2013.

What features help identify an Apple 5c handset

IP 5C - A1456 - A1507 - A1516 - A1529 - A1532. 2013.

Apple 5 cell phone handset identification

IP 5 - A1428 - A1429 - A1442. 2012.

make sure you can recognise your Apple 4S handset model

IP 4S - A1431 - A1387. 2011.

Model details for recognition of a 4G handset

IP 4 - A1428 - A1429 - A1442. 010 (GSM), 2011 (CDMA).

The Apple 3GS mobile phone identification features

IP 3GS - A1325 - A1303. 2009.

The Apple 3G - details to enable recognition

IP 3G - A1324 - A1241. 2008, 2009 (China).



The Apple iPhone Family



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