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Have you recently damaged your Apple smartphone? It's surprisingly common to break a handset or for a part to fail, with even the tiniest fall causing a massive crack to appear on your screen. 

Smashed screensbroken charger ports and unresponsive home buttons are the most common problems for users of a mobile phone. Whatever model you have, you'll no doubt need to make use of replacement repair components at some point in your phone’s life. Have a look at our current mobile parts inventory for all models in the Apple family.

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iPhone parts – common replacement components

There are a number of replacement parts that can be changed across the Apple handheld smartphone family. While not all replacements are possible on all phones, these are the most common parts that users look for so that they can repair their phone themselves without incurring the cost and delay of shipping their device away for a dealer or manufacturer repair. Such repairs vary in difficulty but most can be carried out by an end-user with good preparation and access to tutorials about the replacement they are planning.

We advise good preparation and careful study of tutorial information before attempting any repair to your handset.


iPhone parts available

  • Display Assembly LCD Screens and associated touch screen digitizers for screen repair
  • Replacement Charge Ports
  • Cameras (front and rear)
  • Batteries
  • Home Button and Flex cable
  • Loud Speakers
  • Wi-Fi Antennas
  • Silicone Cases
  • Tempered glass screen protectors
  • Repair tools

 If you'd like to save yourself a small fortune by fixing your own phone in the future, check out the wide range of replacement repair parts we currently have in stock. Don't miss out on the amazing value iParts4u offer each and every customer - sign up to our newsletter to get the best deals each week! 

Why Buy Replacement Parts From Us?

The iParts4u team can help you with your spares by providing a wide range of choices for global customers from our UK shop. We're experts in all Apple smartphone repairs, offering quality and affordable products to help you fix your devices. Buying a new phone outright can be expensive, so instead find an individual replacement part and make the changes yourself. 

As one of the UK's leading iPhone replacement component and tool suppliers, we can help with nearly every replacement component you may need. 

Some Common Repair Questions We See

Needless to say, we receive many questions from customers regarding the repair of their Apple handset. here are some of the most popular; 

Apple smartphone repair replacements for all models

Can I refurbish my phone?

iPart4U sell many spares to fully refurbish your phone, from restoring your battery life to full health by means of a high-quality high capacity replacement to replacing your iPhone screen.  Replacing these phone parts can bring a new lease of life to a phone. You will find some brilliant tutorials and repair guides available on the web and we are gradually increasing our own repair tutorials on our site.

Why has my phone has stopped charging?

We hear this complaint often and in most cases, we find that the existing charge port part has collected lint and dust particles; cleaning your charge port with a non-conductive tool and a dry air can bring this back to life. The usual sign for this is that the 8 pin USB cable will not sit flush to the bottom of the phone when plugged in. If you need help with this please get in contact. 

How do I use a replacement iPhone Screen?

Replacing a cracked or faulty glass iPhone screen can be quite complicated. However, if you are technically minded then there are plenty of repair guides online and here on our website. These guides will help you replace and fix your screen in the comfort of your own home. When replacing your screen, it is important to ensure you disconnect the battery prior to removal of your existing screen - this is because whilst your battery is connected to your smartphone's motherboard there is still voltage present. Disconnecting the battery will ensure you do not compromise the motherboard during a repair. Note that we offer a range of repair tools that make iPhone repairs easier to complete.

Do also keep in mind that using a glass screen protector from our range of accessories can lessen the risk of accidental damage to your handset's display. If the thought of fixing your own cell phone screen seems a little too challenging then you may be asking ‘where can I get my screen fixed?’. If so then remember we also offer a very cost effective repair service for displays and other types of repair for Apple’s phone range.

Do You Offer An iPhone Parts List For The Entire Range?

Yes, we do. from the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR to the iPhone 5, 6 and even older iPhone 3GS, we have the entire range of Apple’s smartphone family covered regarding cost-effective, quality replacement parts. We offer both trade accounts and retail sales.

What Companies Make Official Apple Parts?

  • Qualcomm
  • Skyworks 
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung.
  • Others 

It is important to note that official Apple parts are not available to 3rd party resellers (so buyers should beware when offered an ‘official’ or ‘OEM’ part by a 3rd party seller as they cannot be legally genuine). Compatible repair components such as LCD screens, batteries, charge ports and others are manufactured by companies in the US and the Far East. These are available on the aftermarket, often at very attractive prices while the build quality approaches or is as good as an official product.

What Are UK OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and refers to parts for smartphones that are designed by a subcontractor for a major brand such as Apple iPhone. To be clear OEM does NOT mean the part was made by the smartphone manufacturer but by a contracted 3rd party. Note that Apple does not make OEM (or genuine Apple) parts available to 3rd party suppliers.

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