We Repair Your Phone

We Repair Your Phone

Repairing An iPhone

iPhone Repairs Service


We provide a complete iPhone repairs service. Based in Newport we offer a walk in service and can often repair while you wait.

If your iPhone develops a fault after the warranty period has ended or it gets damaged during the course of duty, then you will need to get it repaired as efficiently and affordably as possible. iParts4U can offer inexpensive iPhone repair to customers from across the UK, ensuring that even a severely malfunctioning model can be brought back to life. And with many iPhone iterations covered, from the 3G to the 7 and beyond, there are almost no problems that our repair team cannot fix.

Screen Time
Over the years the iPhone range has embraced bigger screens with higher resolutions, which is good news for fans because it means they have more room to enjoy apps, games and other important software features. But a persistent problem over each generation has been the ease with which displays can become damaged.

The toughened glass of an iPhone's display is only so durable, with smashes, scratches and cracks too common amongst these handsets. And even if the display seems to be superficially intact, there are other errors can occur, whether that's with the touchscreen digitizer or the LCD panel itself.

At iParts4U we can repair and replace iPhone displays from many models, ensuring that even the older generation of devices can look and perform as if they were new. Having spent years working with iPhones, our team is well versed in the types of malfunctions and breakages that might occur, making it easy for them to find a fix.

Button Masher
Touchscreen interactivity has been championed by Apple in recent years, but it still leaves some of the most important functions of the iPhone range to physical buttons. From the Home Button on the front of the phones below the display to the volume, power and mute buttons that reside on the sides, quick menu navigation and settings alterations can be made with these inputs.

As reliable as buttons may be, time takes its toll on all parts, especially those that are designed to be pressed repeatedly throughout the day. And eventually, you may find that you are no longer as in control of your handset as you were originally.

At iParts4U we can replace these important components for you, meaning that your phone will not un-mute itself at an inconvenient moment, fail to unlock properly or leave you stuck in an app you cannot escape any more.

Battery Resurrection
No matter how carefully you protect your iPhone, and even if the rest of the components remain fault-free for its entire life, every user will eventually have to face up to the fact that the internal battery will not last forever. And Apple's closed-off approach to design means that you cannot easily pop another one in at home.

When your iPhone starts to race through a fully charged battery for no apparent reason or stops powering on altogether, then iParts4U can be called upon to put a brand new cell inside the phone without forcing you to go through the replacement process yourself.

Our low prices and expert team of technicians will make short work of your battery disasters and send your phone back to you as good as new.

Smile for the Camera
Although a faulty camera is not going to seem like the end of the world for iPhone owners, you will quickly realise just how much you use this component one a malfunction occurs.

Whether the primary camera at the rear needs replacing or the front-facing one is not working, you can find repair packages designed to address such problems with iParts4U. Our Bristol-based workshop has all the spare parts we need to work on customer handsets, and we endeavour to ensure as quick a turn-around as possible so that you will be without your phone for a minimal amount of time.

Long-Term Protection
One of the best reasons to select iParts4U to repair your Apple handset is that our customers get a standard warranty covering the repair work and parts for three months. This will be enough to reassure you that the device has been mended properly while also giving you an easy solution if faults do occur within this period.

So do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Tell us about the type of issues that are taking the fun out of owning an iPhone, and send us your device to get it fixed by experts. There is no need to pay more for Apple's own repair programme or to replace your iPhone with a new model at great expense.

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