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Shop for iPhone SE 2nd Generation 2020 Parts

iParts4u is a leading supplier of parts to the EU market, we stock thousands of parts for many manufacturers and we are pleased to offer parts for the iPhone SE 2nd Generation 2020 edition, please see below our full range of iPhone SE parts. 


iPhone SE - 2nd Generation 2020
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If you're experiencing battery issues with your iPhone SE 2020, it may be time to replace the batter..

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The iPhone SE 2nd Generation has many parts which are commonly found in the iPhone 8 edition, and is very similar to repair to the iPhone 8, below is a list of parts which we currently sell for this model. 

  • LCD Screens
  • SIM Trays
  • Home Button Replacements
  • Cameras
  • Flex Cables
  • Speakers 

The iPhone SE 2nd Generation is a fairly new phone can this be repaired? 

The simple answer is yes this phone can be repaired like any other iPhone, so if you crack your screen and need to replace this it can be done. We would recommend to customers to follow online guides and whilst the SE 2nd gen guilds will be sparse we recommend you follow the iPhone 8 repair guides as the internals of these phones are very similar. 


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