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Dottorpod iSesamo Opening Tools and Guide

Dottorpod iSesamo Opening Tools and Guide
 The iSesamo opening tool is the safest and most convenient product to use when opening up a range of Apple products. As well as working effectively to help repair iPhones and iPads, it is also suitable for use with iPods. Fashioned from durable metal, it can help for one-off repairs or for a lifetime of device maintenance.


Getting Leverage

Some repair tools designed for Apple devices are made from plastic, which is the most affordable material available. But this can be brittle and is liable to snap if too much pressure is exerted upon it.


The iSesamo opening tool, on the other hand, is built around a steel core which is both flexible and far more robust than plastic. It can open up iPhones, remove components and help you to replace damaged or faulty parts without becoming bent out of shape.


Another benefit of choosing this tool is that it is equipped with an outer surface layer which gives you great grip and purchase when using it to apply leverage. So rather than finding that your hands slip off a tool, this model will keep them in place and make every motion a deliberate one.


Italian Heritage

The iSesamo is designed and made in Italy by respected mobile repair firm DottorPod, which means you can be sure that it is a quality product as well as one which is sold at a fair price.


In fact, the iSesamo is so affordable that you might consider purchasing more than one, which can make it even easier to repair and replace the display of larger Apple devices such as the iPad.


The design of this tool features one end that is tapered to a point, making it possible to slide into cracks and crevices that would otherwise be inaccessible and allowing more of the body of the tool to follow suit. The other end is rounded and strengthened, giving you more surface area to apply pressure, so it is adapted to facilitate a number of uses in iPhone, iPad and iPod repair.


Inside Secrets

One of the main reasons to purchase the iSesamo if you are going to be repairing an iPhone or indeed any electronic device which is fairly well put together is that it can give you leverage where few other tools can match it.


While you can use suction cups and other items to uncouple the two halves of an iPhone, this is not always an option, especially if the damage to the display is such that actually getting purchase on it is impossible. The iSesamo, on the other hand, can get into gaps and prise apart the chassis to allow access to the inside, making repairs much simpler.


This is a tool that plenty of professionals use to carry out their work on the repair of Apple devices, and with experience it can really speed things up. So for anyone who needs a reliable opening tool that will not crack under the pressure, the iSesamo is by far the best option on the market and one which will not cost the earth.













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