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JF Tools

JF Tools
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23 in 1 JF iCorner Toolkits JF-866   The 23 in 1 JF iCorner Toolkits JF-866 - Comple..

£159.95 Ex Tax: £133.29

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JF iCorner Tool for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus JF-865   The JF iCorner Tool for iPhone 6 ..

£100.24 Ex Tax: £83.53

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JF iCorner Tool for iPhone 6/6S JF-865The JF iCorner Tool for iPhone 6/6S JF-865 is used to str..

£94.34 Ex Tax: £78.62

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Purchase JF Panel Press iCorner Toolkits JF-867   The JF Panel Press iCorner Toolkit..

£82.54 Ex Tax: £68.78

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The JF range is a top quality affordable solution to fixing bent/damaged frames and chassis on Apple products.
The tool heads are shaped to account for the standard curves of an Apple device, and when it is applied to the part of the frame in question, it can use consistent, even pressure to push it back into its original form. This means that you do not have to spend excessive time hammering the frame in order to achieve the same results. 

Perfect for both one off repairs and continuous use in shops thanks to the sturdy JF designs.

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