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Buying LG G5 Mobile Phone Parts

The LG G5 offers one of the best cameras to date on a cell phone. Not only does it feature a well-performing smartphone camera, but it also was the first of LG's smartphones to place a significant emphasis on modular phone design. Because of this, the phone has a lot of parts on it that can be swapped out or replaced very easily. However, the phone itself still has different components that can go bad which will require either professional repair or that you will need to repair on your own. If the latter then why not look over our LG G5 replacement parts list for this smartphone.

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Damaged your LG G5 Camera Lens and Bezel Replacement or simply it’s become faulty? Th..

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Damaged your LG G5 Charging Dock Port Flex Cable or simply it’s become faulty? Then w..

£6.95 Ex Tax: £5.79

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Damaged your LG G5 Finger Print Touch ID Flex - Black or simply it’s become faul..

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Damaged your LG G5 Finger Print Touch ID Flex - Gold or simply it’s become fault..

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Damaged your LG G5 Finger Print Touch ID Flex - White or simply it’s become faul..

£3.95 Ex Tax: £3.29

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Damaged your LG G5 Volume Button Flex Cable or simply it’s become faulty? Then why not replace it wi..

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The Main LG G5 Replacement Parts

There are a number of common repairs that can be carried out on this device and the most common involve the following parts that we stock:

  • LCD touch display and digitizer with frame for the LG G5

The glass display on this device controls user input and is the major phone interface. Cracks or faults to this part are quite common.

  • Charging Port Dock Flex Cable. 

The charge port is one of the most important components for your smartphone considering the amount of usage it gets. Without having a proper functioning port dock flex cable, you might be dealing with issues with being able to even charge your phone.

  • Finger Print Touch ID Cable. 

If you notice that your fingerprint sensor isn't working properly, it might be due to a faulty flex cable. You can order the fingerprint touch ID flex from us to restore your fingerprint sensor back to working order.

  • Volume Button Cable. 

No one wants to deal with volume button issues as it can be very frustrating. Minimise your issues with your volume rocker by ordering a replacement from us.

  • Camera Parts – Lens Replacement. 

Your LG G5 camera lens and the entire bezel is regularly exposed. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most important parts on your entire phone. If yours is scratched or distorting your images, you will want to replace it immediately.

Why Make A Purchase From Us?

If you are looking for high-quality, non-OEM components to help bring your LG G5 back to life, you have come to the right place. We offer the highest quality aftermarket components you will find anywhere. Along with each component we sell, we offer a full 1-year warranty. Therefore, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that the replacement parts you use will last. We also offer quick same day order shipping for orders placed from Monday to Friday prior to 4:00 pm. We offer the best possible prices you will find anywhere. Order the parts you need from us today and get your phone back and working as your key everyday piece of tech.

There can be small differences between model serials LG G5 H820 H830 H840 H848, &H850. Please contact us if you have any questions about parts for your particular model of cell phone.

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