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Finding LG Replacement Parts For Repair Projects

LG is one of the most reliable manufacturers within the phone arena. However, that doesn't mean they can't be broken. A simple drop can cause your screen to crack no matter how scratch resistant it may be. Likewise, your battery could seemingly fail for no apparent reason. Instead of sending your phone in for professional repair and paying a fortune, you could simply order parts from a reputable parts dealer like us and get your phone fixed in very little time at all. See what we at iParts have to offer for these popular smartphones.

LG Parts


LG Parts

High-Quality LG Replacement Parts

LG is a reliable name in the mobile sector, but that doesn't make them unbreakable. The natural wear and tear of life will cause phones to become damaged, with cracked LCD screens, faulty batteries and broken cameras an all too common problem. 

Instead of spending a fortune on a new phone, why not instead use iParts4u to find LG replacement parts for affordable prices? You can grab the component you need online and have it dispatched to you within a guaranteed 24-hour period. 

Some of the high-quality LG spare parts we stock include: 

Glass lens

Front-facing cameras

Replacement charging ports 

Replacement LCD screens

All of our products come with a warranty as standard meaning you're guaranteed at least a year of usage or your money back. We pride ourselves on our value, so if you can find the same part somewhere else for less money, we'll do what we can to beat the price. 

Unsure why your phone isn't working properly? Get in touch with iParts4u and we'll point you in the right direction. With a wide range of replacement parts in our storeroom, you'll be able to get your phone up and running again in no time. 

How Easy Are LG Phones To Repair?

LG phones do not have the easiest repairability scores. That being said, the majority of the things that you would typically need to repair or replace are very much doable even for those that lack experience in repairing phones. For instance, the screen and digitizer assembly along with the battery can be replaced relatively easy. 

Do you sell genuine LG replacement parts?

Our components are normally a mixture of well-sourced third-party and original parts. You can be sure that where we offer third-party replacements, they are tested by us to ensure value for money and quality of build. Where we offer genuine LG products we will say so on the product page for the part in question. You can buy with confidence knowing that whether original LG or from a trusted supplier you will be getting the best available.

Why trust iParts4U with your LG part purchases?

We have a great deal of experience and work with proven, reliable providers to secure the quality of part that we need and our customers expect. Apart from our respected product range, there are several other very good reasons to shop with us. For example;

  • We will normally aim to match the price of any competitor for a similar part where possible. This ensures the best price and also access to our support staff.
  • Our parts carry a full 12-month warranty so you are covered in the event of an unexpected failure.
  • We aim to ensure your purchases will be dispatched the same day they are received or the very next working day in the event of a very late order.
  • We will aim to replace any part that reaches you in a faulty condition within 30 days of notification of the fault.
  • For orders over £100, we provide free UK delivery on the mainland.


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