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Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface Family Of Tablets

The Microsoft Surface is a line of portable computing devices that bridges the gap between a notebook and a tablet. These modern computers are built into a detachable screen that can work independently from its keyboard dock. These devices are available in a wide range of sizes, with different models available and various iterations that have progressively refined the concept by adding new features and improved hardware. The current family of models includes;


Surface 3
Surface 2
Surface 1

Book 2

Why Are Repairs Sometimes Needed For Surface Tablets?

The most common damage occurring to this device usually revolves around a cracked screen, which fortunately is easy enough to replace at a reasonable cost. Other types of damage to this device that can be repaired include some cases of water damage, along with faulty storage devices that can often be replaced to breathe new life into a damaged unit. You can order Microsoft Surface components and spares right here and our growing inventory includes;

  • Replacement screens and digitizer assemblies
  • Batteries
  • Charging Port replacements
  • Keyboard replacements
  • Speaker parts
  • Storage solution replacements
  • Headphone jack units
  • SIM card readers

And more…….

Our customers often ask similar questions about repairing their model. Here are the most common queries;

Is The Microsoft Surface A Tablet Or A Laptop?

It’s neither and it’s both. This device was designed to provide a convenient alternative that offers comparable benefits to a tablet and a laptop, in the same device. Most Surface models are either hybrid tablets that were designed with a matching keyboard or 2-in-1 notebooks with a detachable screen. (It’s worth pointing out there also an interactive whiteboard Surface model that is normally used in corporate settings only)

How Do I Reboot A Microsoft Surface Tablet?

Sometimes when the tablet doesn’t seem to power on, this can be fixed with a simple procedure called a Hard Reset. To do this, hold the power button along with the volume up button for around 20 seconds. If all goes well, the screen should flash during this time and the device should reboot normally. It’s always recommendable to try this product first, before sending a dead device for repairs. 

Can An MS Surface Tablet Battery Be Easily Replaced?

The first two iterations of this tablet did not allow replacing the battery. Starting with the Surface 3 an onwards, the design of the device was adjusted to allow replacing the battery, which is now relatively easy to do. It’s still recommendable to have a technician do this job since it involves disassembling the frame of the device and disassembling several internal parts before getting to the battery, which is connected to the mainboard by very fragile, tiny cables that are prone to additional damage.Ask us if unsure about your ability to repair your model.

Can A Charging Port Be Replaced?

Starting with version 3, the design of these devices changed in a way to allow replacing the charging port if necessary. However, this is a particularly challenging repair that should only be attempted by proficient technicians, since the charging port is located in a difficult are behind the screen and attached with a very strong adhesive.

If you are unsure which part you need for your model or whether you are able to repair your Surface then get in touch – we can help.


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