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Premium Quality Parts For Your Microsoft Surface 3

If you own the Microsoft Surface 3, you need to have a reliable parts provider that you can count on. This gives you peace of mind since you can get almost any part in case your Surface 3 develops problems. We have a range of parts available.

Surface 3
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Repairing Damage To The Surface 3

The MS tablet family includes the MS Surface 3 which, like other Microsoft tablets can experience various problems as you continue using it. Damage may occur when you drop the tablet on a hard floor. Contact with water or application of excess pressure on its screen may cause damage. You may experience problems such as your tablet not charging, touchscreen not responding and faulty battery problems. Our spare parts can help to ensure your tablet is as good as new once its repair is completed. We currently offer;

• Charge port replacements
• Battery replacements
• LCD assembles with digitisers

And more as our range of replacements is growing all the time.

Often asked questions from customers looking to repair this tablet

Can I change the screen on a Microsoft Surface 3 tablet?

Yes, you can. You don't have to worry when you realise your tablet has screen damage. We have the best parts for sale that can ensure your tablet is up and running in no time.

Whether it is a broken LCD display, touch function not working, broken front glass, vertical lines displaying on the screen, blurring, backlight flickering or no picture at all, our parts got you covered.

Can an MSS 3 tablet battery be easily replaced?

If your Surface 3 has a faulty battery, we can offer you a brand new battery. If your tablet's battery life is troubling you, a new battery will solve this issue. Our battery replacement will serve you for a longer time. 

Your tablet battery can be easily replaced. You need experts you trust to replace your battery. This isn't a DIY project. The replacement of your battery need not be a challenging process. It should be done in the quickest manner. 

Can a charging port be replaced on a Surface 3 tablet?

You may have a problem with your Surface 3 charging port if it is physically damaged. You may also notice that your tablet is not charging. This is a clear sign that you need to replace your charging port. 

Charging ports can be easily damaged. This is caused by the constant connecting and removal of the connector cord. If your charging port isn't working, it can be replaced. Our charge port replacement can be fitted. This guarantees your device can perfectly charge within the shortest time possible.
If you are experiencing any trouble with your Surface 3 screen, battery or charging port, find quality parts for replacement. We sell premium 3 components that will ensure replacement makes your tablet as good as new.


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