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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Parts

iParts4U offers a range of quality replacement components for this popular device in the Microsoft range.

Surface Book 2
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The Microsoft Surface Book 2 improved upon the company’s original Surface Book. It comes with an upgraded processor with either a dual-core or quad-core variant to choose from. Along with this, it comes with a dedicated GPU featuring up to 1060 NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics. You can get a model with either a 13.5 inch or a 15-inch PixelSense Display. Meaning, this book is powerful enough to handle CAD modelling and even modern games.

How Can The Surface Book 2 Suffer Damage?

Surface Book 2 is built like a tank. However, despite its robust build quality, it does feature a detachable screen. Therefore, over time the hinge can get loose. Likewise, it is designed for portability in mind. Like any other device you carry on your person on a daily basis, it might be susceptible to some accidental drops. Thus, one of the more common issues people have with this laptop is a cracked display. Another issue might be battery malfunction or battery failure.

Parts That Can Be Replaced

Our range of parts and replacements for this device currently includes;

  • LCD Adhesive Tape
  • Replacement Surface Book 2 LCD Assembly With Digitizer.

Questions we often hear with answers;

Can I Change The Screen On A Microsoft Surface Book 2?

Yes, the screen can be replaced on this model. However, Microsoft did not make it easy. It requires the proper tools and it requires a delicate hand. It is recommended to watch a tutorial video of a replacement if you are looking to attempt something like this. IParts4U sells high-quality LCD assembly with digitizer replacements that you can use to repair your Surface Book 2’s screen if you want to carry out this repair. 

Can The Surface Book 2’s Battery Be Easily Replaced?

Yes, the battery within this pc can be replaced. It is another difficult repair since it requires the removal of the screen from the body. 

Can A Charging Port Be Replaced On A Book 2?

In order to replace the charging port, you need to replace the entire motherboard that is situated within the dock portion.  Therefore, it is not a simple removal and replacement. Consult us for advice if needed.


Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is a fantastic device. While it doesn’t feature the highest level of repairability, you should be able to repair the most costly issues on your own which is a screen replacement. We offer the highest quality parts that you can use to restore your machine to working order.


Our range of replacements for the Surface Book can be found HERE

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