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Microsoft Surface PRO 2 Parts & Spares

Part of the Microsoft Surface range of tablets, the PRO 2 remains popular with travellers on the move. We offer a growing range of cost-effective repair parts for this device.

Surface Pro 2
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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a versatile hybrid that can do double duty as a tablet and a laptop. With a clear screen and a full-sized keyboard, the device is popular with mobile office workers in particular. Because the Surface Pro 2 gets carried around so much and used on-the-go, it can easily be damaged. If dropped or knocked, the charging port could become loose. The screen is also susceptible to damage, and like any portable device, there are potential battery issues too.

Spare And Replacement Parts For the PRO 2 tablet

Commonly sought-after spare parts for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 9and available here) include

  • Surface Pro 2 Keyboard
  • Pro 2 Charging Port
  • Surface Pro 2 Battery

We also get asked questions by our buyers. These are the most common with answers;

How Do I Reboot A Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet?

To factory reset your tablet, hold down SHIFT on your keyboard (or on-screen keyboard), and press restart. On the reboot screen, select ‘Troubleshoot’ and then ‘Reset your PC’. If you cannot access Windows to reset the machine this way, create a recovery USB drive on a desktop computer. Turn off the Surface Pro 2, insert the recovery USB drive. Press and hold Volume-Down and then press the Power button. When you see the Surface logo on the screen, release the volume button. Your device will load a recovery tool which you can use to reset your machine.

Can a Pro 2 Tablet Battery Be Easily Replaced?

This device’s battery can be replaced with a compatible battery. To do so you will need to lift the screen bezel and unscrew the panels underneath. We sell the tools required to dismantle and re-assemble your tablet device. Make sure you have everything you need before starting work. Ask us for advice if unsure.

Can A Charging Port Be Replaced On A Microsoft Pro 2 Tablet?

The charging port can indeed be replaced. You will need T5 and T2 Torx Screwdrivers, opening tools, and tweezers. At iParts-4U we stock a variety of accessories to help you with this and other tablet repair tasks.


Backed by our FREE UK-mainland delivery, no-hassle 30-day returns policy and price Match Promise, we offer both parts and back-up service to help you on your Surface PRO 2 repair journey

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