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We Have Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Parts

Quality, affordable parts for sale for this popular Microsoft Tablet PC.

Surface Pro 5
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Microsoft’s Surface Pro family of tablet PC’s includes the 5 model. This device s a refinement of the preceding model. It is both light and versatile and it takes productivity on-the-go to a whole new level with it being available with LTE Advanced. The Surface Pro 5 can be used in either laptop or tablet mode and it features a best-in-class PixelSense 12.3” display with a PPI resolution of 267. It comes in three different SSD configurations including 128GB, 256GB, and 1TB. Like it’s predecessor, it comes with Windows Hello integration featuring Enterprise-grade protection.


How Damage Can Occur To The PRO 5


With the Surface Pro series, you are getting a tablet with one of the highest build qualities on the market. However, because the 5 tablet is likely to be used on-the-go, you are likely going to deal with various things that can go wrong. For instance, a simple drop can crack or break the screen. Pulling the Surface hinge too hard can snap it. The proprietary charging port can get damaged among other things.


Parts That Can Be Replaced


We offer a range of cost-effective replacements for this model of the Surface PRO. Our inventory includes; 

  • Charge Ports – If damaged, the charge port can be fully replaced. That being said, the replacement is rather difficult because it requires a lot of different tools and removing the entire screen from the base of the device.
  • Power and Volume Flex Cable – If damaged and malfunctioning, the power and volume flex cable can be replaced. As with many other Surface Pro repairs, this one is also difficult because it requires the screen to be detached from the rest of the device.


Questions we’re often asked about repairing this tablet



Is The Surface Pro 5 Fan-less


With this device, there is both a fan-less model and models that are not fan-less. The fan-less model features the newer Core i5 series that is more powerful than even the older generation Core i7 found in the Surface Pro 4 model. The more expensive models do not feature a fan-less design.


What Is The 5’s Battery Life?


The advertised battery life of the Pro 5 is up to 13.5 hours. The real-time battery performance is likely to be much less.


Can A Pro 5’s Screen Be Replaced?


Yes, the screen can be replaced but it is a very difficult and time-consuming task. Because of this, it is better off left to a professional.


Does The Surface Pro 5 Get Dead Spots?


This has been a reoccurring issue with the Surface-branded line of products. Occasionally, you might notice dead spots on your touchscreen. This can be a hardware related problem or even a software issue.

If you are in need of high-quality replacement components for your Microsoft Surface Pro 5, we have excellent parts to help you restore your tablet back to working condition. When you buy your parts from us, you get high-quality components at the most affordable prices. 

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