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Why Repair Your Own Mobile Phone?

There are 3 main benefits;


Lower Cost Of Mobile Phone Components

When you make the decision to repair your own phone, you usually find yourself saving a lot of money in the process. When you send your phone in for professional repair, you are primarily paying for the labour. The actual replacement components are typically very cheap in comparison. Therefore, by cutting out the labour altogether, you will be able to maximise your cost savings. Furthermore, at iParts4u, we sell the highest quality aftermarket products you will find at the lowest possible prices. Therefore, when you shop for your repair parts through us, you will experience even more savings. 


No one wants to be without their mobile phone for days or even weeks. That is exactly what you will be dealing with when you rely on professional mobile phone repair. Whether you send your phone in for repair through the mail or you visit a local repair centre, you are bound to experience big delays that can keep you phone-less for days or even weeks for repairs that should really only take a couple of hours. By getting the parts you need to complete the repair, you can have your phone the entire time and get it functioning back as it should in very little time at all.

Plenty Of Tutorials De-Mystify The Repair Process

Best of all, there are plenty of tutorials nowadays that make repairing your own phone extremely viable for anyone. Regardless of your experience, you should be able to successfully repair your phone without much hassle. There are various resources and tutorials that you can find for any phone from any major manufacturer. We have some of our own and we’re actively growing our tutorial base monthly. See some examples HERE and HERE


What Are The Types Of Mobile Phone Parts

Here at iParts4u we stock all of the third-party aftermarket and, in many cases, genuine or OEM parts that you could possibly need for the popular brands of cellphone available today. You can rest assured that our replacements and spares are compatible with some of the biggest and most well-known brands on the market.

There are 3 main categories of replacement parts available;

Genuine Manufacturer Mobile Parts

Our mobile phone parts are made directly by the phone manufacturer themselves. Some brands make their genuine parts available for suppliers such as ourselves, while others do not. Apple, for example, does not make genuine replacements available to 3rd party sellers.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Phone Parts

Despite the name, these mobile parts are NOT made by the manufacturer of the phone themselves. Such components are sub-contracted to other partners but under original manufacturer, scrutiny to ensure they meet required standards. Again, Apple (for one) does not make OEM parts available for resale outside of their own support network. Other brand manufacturers do.

Aftermarket Mobile Parts

These parts are made by 3rd party manufacturers around the world but particularly in the Far East.  These, from the best manufacturers, are of a build standard as high as a genuine or OEM part while at a substantially reduced cost. We ensure all our aftermarket parts are from the best manufacturers in their line.


What Are the Main Types Of Replaceable Part On A Smartphone?

It can vary by brand but the main types of replacement components most often changed on a mobile phone are;

Glass Touch Screen Displays

These LCD phone displays are critical to any brand of Smartphone but are also easily damaged by everyday use.

Digitizer Assemblies

These are generally NOT the LCD itself but the glass cover of your LCD. Digitizers translate your manual actions (such as swipe, tap etc) into signals that the mobile device can interpret and act on. Digitizers generally come with a Flex cable for connection to the phone electronic heart.

Charging Ports

If your phone won't charge then there is often a fault with the charge port. These components allow mobiles to be recharged via USB connector (but they can also suffer damage from day to day use)


This is one of the most common repairs that consumers are looking to do themselves. Replacing your dead or dying battery is one of the easiest repairs you can complete on a lot of phone models. While some make it much more difficult than it should be, any phone that has a fixed battery can be replaced with the right parts and tools. This is a great repair that you can do on a smartphone that simply isn't holding a charge as well as it should anymore - it can truly make your phone feel new again. 


Are Smartphone Fixes With Mobile Phone Parts Cheaper Than Dealer Repairs?

The fact is, if you are sending your phone in for professional repair to a dealer, manufacturer, or brand, you can expect to pay a lot of money for it. Whereas, if you are willing to handle the repair yourself, you will be able to cut the total cost down to the actual price of the parts. 

We take pride in saving our customer's as much money as possible on their mobile phone repairs. We offer the best quality spares and components at the best prices. We even offer a price match guarantee on all of our parts to provide peace of mind to our customers that they are getting the absolute best possible deal. If you are looking to repair your own mobile smartphone, order what you need from us today and we will have your parts shipped on the same or next working day. Note also that we serve both retail and wholesale customers.

Note that not all these parts will be replaceable for every brand of phone or model within a particular brand. make sure you do due diligence on your mobile phone before considering a repair project. Contact Us if you need guidance.

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