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Quality And Affordable Nintendo 3DS Parts

iParts4U offers an expanding range of quality parts for this console from the Nintendo gaming family

Nintendo 3DS
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The Nintendo 3DS remains a popular handheld, even though newer Nintendo handhelds are now available. The 3DS is compact, rugged, and saw a huge array of game releases, making it a firm favourite among gamers. This gaming device was designed for gamers of all ages and as such is quite durable.

Why This Device Can get Damaged

The portable nature of this console means it gets some heavy-duty use from playing but also potentially from moving around. Of the vulnerable parts, perhaps the thing we see most is LCD screen damage. With repeated use the card slots and joysticks may also show wear and tear.

At iParts-4u we stock a variety of parts to help people keep their 3DS working. Our range includes;

  • Replacement Game Card Slots
  • Tools and accessories for opening your DS

Questions about the DS we’re sometimes asked by our customer base.

Can you change a screen on a 3DS

It is possible to replace the screen on a Nintendo 3DS, however doing so is a time-consuming task. The screws on the rear of the handheld have fine threads and can strip easily. Make sure you have the correct screwdriver, opening tools, a heat gun, and other accessories so that you can open the device without damaging any delicate parts.

Can a 3DS Game Card Slot be replaced?

The Game Card Slot is indeed replaceable. We stock replacement game card slots along with the tools required to safely open the device and complete the repair. We recommend you review a guide to completing this repair several times before starting work and make sure that you have everything you need to hand first.

Can a 3DS Control Pad Joystick be replaced?

Both the control pad and the circle pad on the Nintendo 3DS can be replaced. The parts themselves are small and simple. The challenging part of the repair is opening the device without damaging the delicate ribbon cables connecting the screens to the motherboard. Work slowly and cautiously, and ensure you have all the tools to hand before you start disassembling your handheld.

With fast delivery and no hassle returns policy, we offer a full service backed by our popular service desk. Contact us if you’re unsure about what you need or the repair project itself.

View our Nintendo 3DS XL parts HERE

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