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We Have Nintendo 3DS XL Parts For Sale

Need repair parts for the Nintendo 3DS XL? See our range of quality replacements here.

Nintendo 3DS XL
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The Nintendo 3DS XL is the Nintendo’s gaming family official portable gaming console. It boasts an incredible array of games as it is compatible with all 3DS games. However, it offers a larger form factor with two larger screens. Because it features an inner camera along with face-tracking 3D, it is capable of providing a much smoother, more immersive and better overall 3D experience than the original 3DS. It features both Amiibo and built-in NFC support as well as a C stick for better controls during gameplay. The XL features better CPU performance which can help when it comes to downloading and loading software.

How Damage Can Affect The XL

The console features a clam-shell design and form factor. Because it is designed to be an ultra-portable console, it is likely to suffer from fall damage at some point. This typically leads to broken screens. Because the unit has two screens, there is double the chance for damage. Also, you might experience significant wear and tear causing the buttons or joysticks to malfunction at some point. 

Our 3DS XL Parts 

Our developing range of parts for this poplar console includes;

  • Nintendo 3DS XL Top LCD Screen

We will be adding further replacements to our list over time.

Our customers most popular Q&A

Can You Change A Screen On The Nintendo 3DS XL?

Yes, the upper LCD display can be completely replaced. That being said, this is one of the more difficult replacements to make. Therefore, you will want to have some experience with doing screen replacements and you will want to watch tutorial videos to ensure you do everything right. It requires pretty much taking apart the entire unit.

Can A 3DS XL’s Battery Be Replaced?

Yes, luckily Nintendo made it very easy to perform a battery replacement. It is a very easy process and it really only requires unscrewing the back of the clam-shell. From there, you will lift the battery out and replace it with a new one.

Can An 3DS XL’s Control Pad Joystick Be Replaced?

Yes, the control pad joystick or the circle pad can be fully replaced. It is a manageable fix for those without experience. To perform this replacement, you need to remove the battery. You will then need to remove the entire back of the unit where you will find ribbon cables underneath the bumpers which you have to pry open. You can then find the circle pad and remove it by unscrewing the screws holding it in place.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is one of the best portable consoles to ever come out. If you find yourself in need of repairing the screen, we currently offer high-quality top screen replacement LCD’s that you can use to fix your unit. More parts will be coming soon.

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