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Nintendo Switch, 3DS, DS, DSi Parts and Replacements for Repairs

Nintendo Switch, 3DS, DS, DSi Replacement Parts for Repairs


Nintendo has been producing popular game consoles for over three decades. It has been improving its consoles as new technologies emerge.

Nintendo Gaming Consoles

A range of video game devices are produced by this Japanese multinational consumer electronics giant. These include;

Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

This is an eighth-generation hybrid game console. It can be used with the television or as a portable hand-held console. The device is modular, allowing users to attach parts when they need to switch from the docked version to the portable console. For players who would love to have just a portable version of the console, there is the Nintendo Switch Lite that features almost all the games in the original console but is light and portable.


  • QuadCore Cortex-A57 and A53 .03 GHz processors
  • 32GB storage and 4GB memory
  • 6-2 inch LCD and multitouch pad
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Wii U

This entertainment system features a tablet-like display and a console. The screen streams video output wirelessly from the console. It also provides a complementary perspective to the game and can be used in place of a television screen. The hardware of these Nintendo game consoles is also capable of high definition graphics and supports online multiplayer games.


  • Tri-core IBM PowerPC processor and 2 GB memory
  • Up to 32 GB storage Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Support for multimedia video streaming services
  • Connection to social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook


  • The distinguishing feature of this gaming console is the Wii Remote, which can detect motion and effect motion in three dimensions.
  • The controller also has an expansion port that can be used to attach accessories to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Some of the accessories include an analogue stick with extra buttons and the classic controller gamepad that gives players the traditional control scheme.


  • 729 MHz IBM PowerPC processor
  • 512 MB of internal storage
  • Compatibility with old games
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Nintendo 3DS

For playing 3D games on the go, Nintendo has created the 3DS, a handheld gaming console that can display stereoscopic 3D effects without requiring the player to use 3D glasses. These game consoles are also compatible with older DS video games. Besides, they also serve as entertainment hubs that can stream from YouTube, Hulu Plus and Netflix.


Repairing Nintendo Game Consoles With Replacement Parts

iParts4U is developing a range of performance replacement parts and spares for these devices. Matching our reputation for best quality parts, our growing inventory includes;

Customers often ask about repairing Nintendo devices and this does require a medium to advanced level of skill. Here are the most common queries;

Can I Replace A Nintendo Switch LCD Screen?

It is possible to replace your Nintendo Switch LCD screen. However, purchase the correct replacement screen and bear in mind a degree of skill and knowledge is required. Consult us if you have any doubts about skill requirements..

Can A Nintendo DS games Card Slot Be Replaced?

If the DS games card slot is malfunctioning, it can be replaced with a new slot with a good cost-saving. Ensure that you have the required developed level of skill and contact us if unsure about skills needed.

Can You Change A Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Port?

If your Nintendo Switch Lite is not charging or seems to charge slowly, you can replace the charging port with quality Nintendo parts like ours. However, do make sure you have the required level of knowledge before attempting a repair.

if you are uncertain about any aspect of this type of console repair then contact us – we can offer advice about the correct parts, additional tools if required and skills needed.

  • It runs on a 268 MHz, Dual-core ARM11 MPCore.
  • Ability to stream content from Netflix, Hulu Plus and YouTube
  • 3D content without the use of 3D glasses
  • Compatibility with older DS games
  • Touch LCD Screens for portable hand-helds
  • Charging ports
  • Headphones and jack port units
  • Cooling fans
  • Game card slot replacements
  • Buttons, screws and flex components

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