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Genuine OnePlus 7T Parts from iParts4U

OnePlus 7T
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OnePlus Model 7T: Reliable Phone Parts

The OnePlus Model 7T is a popular phone that is known for having high RAM and an extremely precise camera. In comparison to many other popular smartphones, the 7T has eight gigabytes of RAM, which means anything from gaming to video rendering is easily possible. The camera is also close to fifty megapixels, making it one of the most precise cameras available. We have an extensive range of parts for this smartphone.

Incurring Damage

Although the 7T is known for being durable, it's still possible to damage the phone. Dropping the phone usually leads to nothing more than a small scratch. However, if the phone is dropped a large distance, cracking may occur. Here are some common causes of damage: 

  • Screen cracking, such as through hitting the ground at a bad angle
  • Inability to charge the phone, due to problems with charging components
  • Water damage to the screen or electronic components
  • Battery problems such as excessive battery usage 

The Replacement Parts We Have Available:

  • 7T White Screw

We will be adding more components to this range over the coming months

Project repair queries we receive about this mobile;

Can an OnePlus Model 7T Digitizer and Screen be Replaced? 

Yes, but amateur attempts at replacement will almost certainly lead to further issues. The 7T can only be safely opened using professional tools, which is why a trusted repair service such as ours should be used. 

Is a Model 7T Battery Replacement Straightforward?

Yes, but only for professionals, we advise. The battery of the smartphone contains volatile chemicals that are highly flammable; it is hazardous for amateurs to attempt replacement. Replacing the battery is a simple task for trustworthy pros like our team that have the required tools and knowledge. 

Is a Model 7T Earspeaker Changeover Easy? 

Yes, pros can swiftly change the ear speaker in a relatively short amount of time. The speaker is in a complicated region of the 7T, which is why it is difficult to access the component without the right tools.


See our full range of OnePlus replacement parts HERE

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