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Miscellaneous Parts and Refurbishing Equipment at iParts4U

If you can't find your replacement parts then this is the place to look. Our range of 'Other' components is planned to offer a one-stop-shop for older ranges of parts and parts for older devices or niche products.  These currently include glass for iPhone screens, screen edging and LCD backlights. We are similarly offering parts for the iPod and iWatch families of products. Look for further additions to our parts ranges over coming months.

You can also find a developing range of refurbishment parts in this area of our store. After many enquiries around the provision of parts for refurbishing, we've listened and are pleased to introduce this line. Along with parts, we are also introducing a range of key tools for carrying out refurbishment work. These include specialist tools for carrying out LCD refurbishment, OCA adhesives and digitizer clamps. We will be adding to this range of tools over time so check back regularly.

What Are 'Refurbishing Parts'?

These are parts with the specific purpose of allowing existing major units and assemblies such as screens to be serviced and re-introduced for use. They are not generally used for home repairs but rather by professional repair shops and businesses. For professionals, we offer wholesale facilities so if you need such services then contact us to find out more.

Can I Use These Parts At Home To Refurbish My Screen Or Other Part?

In principle, there is no reason why not but bear in mind that a good level of technical knowledge and skills,  plus suitable tools will be required.  Not least if you have never refurbished a part before. if you are working on a home refurbishment project and would like to discuss your intentions with us, we can advise.

Can I get parts for my iWatch?

Yes, and this is the place to find them. We offer a range of replacement parts for the family of Apple watch devices.

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