Poole iPhone Repair Service

Poole iPhone Repair Service


Better Battery Performance

Even when it is brand new, an iPhone can seem to run out of battery power quite quickly because as a device it is so fun to use. And as time passes and it is drained and recharged day after day, the battery can start to work less and less effectively.

Battery replacements are not straightforward because you have to disassemble the iPhone and face the risks that this involves. So getting our team to replace it for you is a good idea, especially since this is a very affordable package.

We can perform battery replacements on most iPhone models, including the 4, 4S and 5. So if even the lightest of usage is sapping the power from your Apple handset, send it in to us.

Clever Camera Corrections

You may not realise it, but it is actually possible to replace the camera of your iPhone if it is faulty or it has been damaged. And you can not only replace the camera on the rear, but also the front-facing secondary camera.

You will no doubt use these cameras on a regular basis, whether to capture pictures or carry out video calls, so by replacing them when they are in need of repair, you will restore your iPhone to a usable state.

Broken Buttons Be Gone

Do you find when you hit the buttons on your iPhone that it does not respond as expected? Or do the buttons activate unnecessarily even if you have not put your fingers anywhere near them? Then it is a good idea to get them replaced as soon as possible.

We can replace problematic buttons on your handset, whether you have an iPhone 4 with a broken Home Button or an iPhone 5S with a power button that has seen better days.

Our button repair service even extends to the other buttons found on the iPhone range, including the volume keys and mute switch.

Crucial Case Corrections

The outer surface of an iPhone faces the brunt of most damage if the device is dropped, squeezed or scratched. And even if you keep it in a separate protective case, problems can still arise at any point.

Our Poole iPhone repair service provides the answer to all of these unsightly issues in the form of the rear case housing replacement packages, which are available for various models, including the glass-backed iPhone 4 and 4S and the metal-backed iPhone 5 and 5S.

If your iPhone is looking scratched beyond recognition and is an embarrassment to use in a public place, replacing the rear case housing can counteract this entirely.

Dealing with a Damaged Display

An iPhone

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