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A3 - A310
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Is your A3 SM-A310 battery not lasting as long as it should do? Please do not worry as iParts4u has ..

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Replacing Samsung A310 Batteries

Dealing with battery replacement can be a pain depending on the model of phone you have. If you have a Samsung Galaxy A3, you are going to want to replace it with a compatible A310 battery. The A310 battery is a lithium ION 2300 mAh capacity battery with a 3.85V. 

Why Get A New Battery?


Battery Life. 


The main reason you would want to replace the battery is to maximise the battery life that you are able to get out of your phone. Nothing is worse than having a phone that constantly dies on you. Getting a battery replacement will allow you to restore your Samsung A3 back to proper functioning. That way, you can get a full day of use out of your phone without having to worry about your battery dying and having to charge it. 

Can A Samsung A3 Battery Be Replaced?

The steps for a Samsung A3 battery replacement are relatively easy for even someone without experience with replacing batteries. The entire process involves approximately 9 steps. To do so, you will need to remove the rear cover and the mid-frame to access the battery compartment. Overall, the replacement can be performed by following a step by step tutorial. 

Why Is My A3 Battery Draining So Fast? 

While battery technology has improved over the past decade or so, the battery in your phone is not designed to last forever. Because of this, you will need to replace it at some point. Depending on how much you use your phone and how well you take care of your battery, you might need to replace it sooner than you might like. Also, if you are someone that uses your phone for years and years, you are much more likely to have to replace your battery at a certain point while you own the phone. When you are in need of a battery replacement, your phone's battery is not going to last a long time. Typically, it will struggle to hold a charge. This is when you can be sure that you need a battery replacement. 

Why You Should Replace Your Battery

If you notice that your phone is not taking and/or holding a charge, it is time to replace your battery. If you notice that your battery compartment is swelling, it is also time to replace your battery. You should be able to tell whether or not your battery is healthy by carefully examining the overall life that you are able to get out of it. 

If you are in need of a battery replacement for your Samsung A3, here at IParts4U, we have the replacement you need to get your phone working as it should.

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