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Replacement Parts For All Samsung Galaxy A Series Phones

The Samsung Galaxy A series began with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in 2014. The A series is intended as a low-to-mid range series of devices in the Samsung family. They are very similar to the high-end devices, but with fewer features and lower specs in many cases. They also use cheaper materials for most of the devices. The A series is targeted at consumers in Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, the series has become fairly popular around the globe. The main attraction is the affordability of the devices combined with sleek designs and capable hardware. The A series may not be able to keep up with the latest high-end models, but they can do more than enough for the average smartphone user. As a result, there is still a substantial user base and we have a great range of replacement parts for this smartphone.

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‘A’ Series Repairs With Galaxy Spares From Us

Here are a few of the key factors in the popularity of the A series of devices:

  • The affordable price point on all devices
  • Some devices have the same features or hardware found in high-end models
  • Surprisingly powerful cameras
  • Crisp LCD displays on later models

Some people view investing in a low-end phone as a risk. These devices tend to have plastic casings and are more easily damaged than their expensive counterparts. That leads to more consumers needing to replace their devices early on. Repairs services often charge the same to repair a low-end device as they do a more expensive one despite the fact that the replacement parts are more affordable.

We sell Samsung Galaxy A Series replacement parts and accessories so that you don't have to replace your device or rely on an expensive repair service. We strive to have the lowest prices for aftermarket repair parts. Please let us know if you find the same parts at a lower price because we will do our best to match that price.

iParts4U want our customers to benefit as much as possible, which is why we're offering amazing value for money on all Samsung Galaxy A Series spare parts. This range has been at the forefront of the brand's success in recent years, and we're dedicated to offering quality spare parts to ensure you don't have to send yours in for repair or worse, get a new phone altogether. 

iParts4U have a range of spare components for this cell phone. These include: 

  • Samsung Galaxy A3
  • Samsung Galaxy A5
  • Samsung Galaxy A7

Just like with every product we stock, all of our parts come with a warranty as standard, as well as a guaranteed 24-hour dispatch. What's more, we ensure you'll not be beaten on price when it comes to your spares. If you can find the same item somewhere else for less, just let us know. We'll do what we can to beat it. 

Thinking of your own repair? Here are some common questions consumers have asked about Samsung Galaxy A Series repairs.

Can A Samsung Galaxy A Series LCD Display Be Replaced?

Yes. The LCD display on the A series of devices can easily be removed and replaced. Some of the devices feature a separated LCD and digitizer. This actually makes it more affordable to replace the LCD because you do not need to replace the digitizer as well unless it is also damaged. Even in cases where the digitizer and LCD are sold together the price is not nearly as much as a phone replacement or upgrade.

Can A Galaxy A Battery Be Replaced?

The A series of devices do not have a removable battery cover like older devices. That does not mean you need to ditch the device once the battery dies. It is still possible to open the casing and replace the battery if you have the right tools and a replacement battery. We carry all of these products in our online store.

Can A Charge Port Be Replaced?

It will depend on the device in question. Some devices have a removable flex cable that can be replaced with ease. Other devices save money by soldering the charge port directly to the phone's circuit board. You can view our inventory for your specific device to determine if we carry the replacement flex cable needed.


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