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Samsung Galaxy J Series Spare Parts And Replacements

Samsung has always been an impressive producer of the latest technology. They have revolutionized the smartphone market with the latest product - the Samsung Galaxy J Series. The letter J in this Series stands for "Joy" - and many customers were attracted to this product when it was first released. But even the best mobile technology can become faulty or damaged over time. That's where we come in. We are a trusted supplier of component replacements for this range. If you’re interested in carrying out your own repair then why not check out our range or replacement parts for these mobile phones below.

J Series

Samsung Galaxy J Series Features And Parts

The J Series continues the reputation Samsung built to date and with the super AMOLED displays technology and high-performance front and rear cameras, many buyers have enjoyed the Samsung experience with this model. We offer a wide selection of spare parts and accessories for your Samsung J Series. Here are some of the replacement parts we have for your Samsung J Series smartphone. We currently carry a wide range of parts for a large number of J models, including: 

Our inventory of parts for the J series contains the quality parts you will need for the vast majority of common repairs. Our stock includes:

  • Genuine J120 LCD Screens
  • Genuine J320 Camera Lens Covers
  • Galaxy J3 Front Cameras
  • Galaxy J3 Headphone Packs
  • Galaxy J3 Home Buttons
  • J4-6 Loudspeakers
  • J4 Plus LCD Screen and Digitizers
  • J4-6 Volume Key Flex
  • J 7 Rear Camera Replacements
  • J Series Vibration Motors
  • J Series Speakers
  • J Series Batteries
  • J Series Cameras
  • J Series Flex Cables

We often answer the following questions about this series of smartphones:

Can The Samsung Galaxy J Series Vibration Motor Be Changed?

If your J phone gets wet or you drop it on the floor, the vibration motor can be easily affected. When the motor becomes loose or wears out, you won't get the vibration alerts you have set. We stock a wide selection of vibration motors for your Samsung smartphones. If you can confidently disassemble the phone, you can easily replace the part yourself. We offer a wide selection of vibration motors at affordable prices. 

Can The Galaxy J Series Battery Be Replaced?

The battery that comes with this cell phone has an excellent battery life compared to other Samsung models. But repeated charging and discharging will make the battery lose its ability to retain the charge. If your battery isn't holding the charge for long, you should consider replacing the battery with a quality J Series battery we provide. We stock genuine replacement removable batteries to bring your phone back to its former glory. It will give you the battery lifetime of the original phone. 

If you need help with your project or simply for more information then call us for all your Samsung Galaxy J Series replacement parts and accessory needs.

Check out our entire range of Samsung mobile phone parts HERE

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