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Replacement Parts For Samsung Galaxy Note Tablets

The Galaxy Note series from Samsung was the first majorly successful line of phablets to hit the market. The first Note was released in 2011 and sold more than 1 million copies during the first month. More than 10 million copies were sold over the next year. Each Note seems to be more powerful and more successful than the last. Note 3 eclipsed the success of the first Note by selling more than 10 million copies in its first three months. There were certainly some hardships along the way, such as the recall and eventual discontinuation of the Note 7. Nonetheless, the Note series of phablets are some of the best mobile devices available. That said, they can be damaged or become faulty, good as they are. Save yourself a potentially costly repair bill and weeks without your device by repairing it yourself. See the tablet parts we have in stock to find what you need.

Samsung Galaxy Note Parts

Samsung Note Phablet Parts


Main Parts That Can Be Replaced


Samsung Galaxy Screws One of the parts that you might find yourself needing at some point in time would be Note screws. If you have ever opened and tried to fix a Samsung device, you are likely well aware of just how easy it is to lose the screws that come with it. Losing just one screw can end up causing you to be unable to repair your tablet. Worse yet, it can cause further damage to the interior of your tablet. Therefore, you might need to have extra Samsung Note screws on hand in order to successfully repair your tablet. 


LCD Display Screen


Another common replacement would be the tablet's screen. Over time, your screen might begin to malfunction or you might even drop your tablet causing physical screen damage. If so, you will need to replace the screen altogether. This is where having a high-quality screen replacement can help. 




The battery of your tablet is likely running on empty by this time. The Note series has been out for a long time which means that your battery has likely gone through many cycles. As a result, you might find your battery not lasting as long as it once did. If so, you might be in need of a battery replacement. 


Common Questions and Answers: 



Is Replacing A Samsung Note Tablet Screen Possible? 


While it is possible to replace a Samsung Note tablet screen, it is extremely difficult. Unfortunately, you have to unscrew the back cover and remove just about all of the internals just to access the screen. Because of this, it is only recommended for experts to handle this type of screen replacement. Otherwise, you risk messing up your tablet. You essentially have to pry away the LCD screen from the digitizer itself and remove the LCD from its frame which is a very difficult process if you are not experienced.


Can A Note Tablet's Battery Be Easily Replaced? 


Luckily, a battery replacement for your Samsung Galaxy Note tablet is very easy. Therefore, if you find your tablet lacking in the battery department, you will be able to replace the battery with a fresh one in minimal time. This will minimise the discharge of your battery and allow you to use it as you would if it were brand new again. 


Can A Samsung Tablet Charging Unit Be Replaced? 


If you find yourself dealing with a broken or malfunctioning charging port on your Samsung Note tablet, you are in for a fairly significant repair. While it might seem like an easy task, the Note tablet has a fairly difficult charging port repair process which is only recommended for those with some experience. However, it is entirely possible to handle on your own. 

If you are someone that is knowledgeable in fixing tablets and phones, you are likely to be able to handle a lot of the issues that you might be dealing with when you own a Samsung Note tablet. Unfortunately, it is not the easiest tablet to fix. That being said, there are plenty of parts and components you can fix and replace on it with relative ease which can save you a lot of money in the process. Maximise your savings by getting your Samsung Note tablet parts through us.

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