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Samsung Note Series Batteries - Built To Last

The Samsung Note Series of phablets has long been recognised as one of the most powerful models in the Samsung smartphone lineup. Given the features that the Series boasts - and the new and improved functionality of the latest models this is hardly a surprise.

Note Series

Note Series Power Supply Options

The large high-resolution screen and incredible processing power of the Note series has had consumers wondering - just how good is the battery life? Samsung has an enviable reputation when it comes to designing and manufacturing batteries that boast superior performance (the Note 7 with its various issues was an anomaly). So what do the Notes have under the hood when it comes to battery power and longevity? The latest version of the Note Series - the Note 9 has a 4000mAh battery - that is a size that is matched by very few other large smartphones on the market. It certainly outstrips its predecessor the Note 8 with its 3400mAh battery and another of Samsung's best sellers - the Galaxy S9 Plus which boasts 3500mAh. This means that the Note 9 can cope with the enormous processing power, functionality and magnificent screen it brings to the market. Consumers are eagerly awaiting the Note 10 which is rumoured to have a 4,500mAh battery - and the fastest charge time of any previous Samsung model. However, the Note Series from Samsung are by no means cheap - and batteries do lose their ability to store charge over time.  The metal components used to supply power degrade over the lifetime of the smartphone. It is estimated that after around 400 charge/drain cycles a smartphone battery capacity will lose its ability to store charge by around 20%. It's probably more due to the consumer habit of charging prior to letting the battery run down completely. Given that Samsung mobile phone owners are going to hold on to their Notes for longer - they want to know that they can easily replace their Note batteries.

Some info on Note Series batteries:

Type: Lithium Ion.

Output: Variable depending on the model - from 2.300 - 4,000 mAh (currently).

Battery life: Up to 6 hours per day of 'screen on' time for the Note 9 (may be improved by Note 10 when released)

Given that the consumer may be spending a hefty amount of money on a Samsung Note they do have questions regarding batteries. Firstly is it worth replacing the battery. The answer is a hard yes. Given that a Note 9 can cost in the region of £899 - this is not a phone that is going to find its way into the bin anytime soon. Purchasing a replacement battery will extend the life of the phone far beyond the release of newer models. And the fact that the Note Series boasts all that you could want means that they are worth hanging on to for a while. Cost is also an issue for consumers given the fact that they have already spent a hefty sum on the phone itself - so how much can a Note user expect to pay for a replacement battery? The answer is not simple - it depends on which model you have. A battery for a Note 2 costs in the region of £19.95 while a replacement battery for a Note 9 can be purchased for around £39.95.

Whatever the cost it is worth the investment. Make sure to source parts from a reputable dealer like ourselves - and ensure that your Samsung Note is an asset that continues to provide exceptional functionality and value.

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