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Samsung S Series Batteries - Great Value

Samsung is by any measure employed one of the best, if not the best manufacturer of Android-powered phones in the world. The market position of the company has meant that it has built a loyal fan base - and that is a fan base that is growing all the time. One of the reasons for this loyal following is, without doubt, the sheer variety of phones (both legacy and new) that it makes available to consumers - led by its S Series models.

S Series

Batteries For The S Series Smartphone

The popularity of the S Series is based on incredible design, cutting edge technology and ease of use. However, as phones get more powerful - as has been the case with the latest S Series releases so consumers have become more concerned with how Samsung's batteries will cope with the load. The Samsung S Series has always boasted great battery life - Samsung's latest - the S1- is no different. The 4,100 mAh battery with fast wireless charging (2.0) and Wireless PowerShares is no different. It has received compliments from reviewers for its superior battery life. But the sad fact of the matter is that the longer a phone is owned - the less the efficiency of the battery. It's simply a problem of chemistry. The metals used to provide power degrade over time as a result of use. It is estimated that after around 400 cycles a phone battery capacity will degrade by 20%. In reality, it's probably more due to erratic charging cycles. Given that Samsung mobile phone owners are now holding on to their phones for longer - this can be an issue. 

Some info on S Series batteries:

Type: Lithium Ion.
Output: Variable depending on the model - from 2.300 - 4,100 mAh (S10+).
Removable / non-Removable: Dependant on model.

Given that the consumer may be spending a hefty amount of money on a Samsung S Series mobile phone the question that is often asked is whether replacement batteries are available? the short answer is yes. However, this inevitably leads to further questions. Firstly how does one know if the battery replacement is genuine? The short answer is to take a close look at the battery case itself to see if there is a model number and the Samsung branding is clear. However, given the quality of knock offs - the best bet is to simply purchase replacements from a reputable dealer. The second question is how much the replacements cost. This depends on the model. However, they can cost anywhere from £17.95 to £26.95 - and more for the very latest models. But at that price, you will be getting a quality product.

If you want to extend the life of your S Series make sure to source parts from a reputable dealer - and ensure that your Samsung experience remains as pleasant as it always was.

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