S3 Mini - SM-i8190

S3 Mini - SM-i8190
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With spare Samsung phone parts you can repair faults and damage rather than having to replace your whole handset. And the Samsung Galaxy S3 i8190, also known as the S3 Mini, is a device that you will probably want to rescue with a repair rather than scrap altogether. So here are some spare components that will come in handy when malfunctions come calling.

Monster Smash

Although the Galaxy S3 Mini may be smaller and more modestly equipped than the full-size S3, it is still a competitively priced and surprisingly powerful device that should cater to all your smartphone needs in a compact package.

But even with its smaller dimensions, it is still entirely possible for the S3 Mini to suffer damage in the line of duty, whether as a result of human error or pure bad luck.

Leaving this phone in your pocket for prolonged periods, whether it's exposed or contained within a case, can lead to the display cracking under pressure, getting scratched by abrasive items or suffering a range of other issues that may be unique to your circumstances.

Luckily, there are spare Samsung phone parts available to help you repair these problems by replacing the compromised components with brand new official hardware elements that will work wonders with the rest of your device. So rather than having to buy a new handset every time damage is done, you can rest easy in the knowledge that a repair is a more affordable and realistic option than ever before.

The screen is the part of the phone which you want to keep intact as much as possible but which is also most likely to be damaged at some point. And so replacing it, along with the front-facing assembly that houses it, can be easy if you invest in the spare parts available from iParts4u.

Fashion Statement

The good thing about choosing official Samsung parts for the Galaxy S3 Mini is that you can be sure that they will be fully compatible with the other original components of your device which are undamaged and still perfectly able to operate as normal.

This means that once installation is complete, you will be able to power up your device and start using it for calls, texts, web browsing, apps and games as if nothing had ever gone wrong in the first place.

Another benefit is, of course, that as well as matching on a technical level, the parts which you can buy here will also be coordinated to match the colour schemes chosen for these handsets by Samsung

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