Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505)

Samsung Galaxy S4 (i9505)
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Sustaining your Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 is easy if you have the right replacement components available. And you can find all sorts of Samsung phone parts when you search the iParts4u site. So for a cracked touchscreen display, a faulty home button or more, check out the selection of products on offer right here.

Keep in Touch

The Galaxy S4 is built to be tactile and responsive, with everything from the physical buttons to the touch-sensitive Super AMOLED display ensuring that there is a lot to engage users in the long term.

Because this phone is so powerful and well made, you will probably want to hold on to it for as long as possible rather than ending your partnership early. But sometimes a hardware fault or some accidental damage can put paid to this plan.


If you want to keep in touch with your Samsung phone for years and overcome any catastrophes that do occur, you will be able to buy spare parts to help to prolong its life. And at iParts4u you will find a range of products aimed specifically at keeping the interactive elements operational.

For example, you can buy replacement display assemblies for various versions of the Galaxy S4, enabling you to replace a cracked or damaged screen along with a range of other components that are featured on the front surface of the handset.

This can include things such as the front-facing camera, the earpiece speaker and even the home button that lets you jump out of apps and games quickly and efficiently.

Keeping a smartphone in a case might prevent some forms of minor damage, but big impacts and the ravages of time will end up claiming even the best-preserved devices. So being able to replace key parts such as the display assembly will be a big benefit for fans of the Galaxy S4.

Glass Half Full

Providing protection for the precious components of your Galaxy S4 is important, since this device is designed to be relatively rugged, and so some of the more fragile parts get an added layer of security to shield them against damage.

The front of the display, for example, features strengthened glass to prevent the AMOLED panel beneath from succumbing to impacts too easily. And because of this, you may find that the glass can scratch, smash and shatter, taking the brunt of the force while leaving the rest of the phone intact.

You could decide that a device with a smashed glass protector is beyond repair, which means you will have to go through the process of buying a replacement. This is not only expensive, but also involves a lot of hassle such as having to transfer over your contacts and data from your older device.

Rather than giving up on your Galaxy S4, you can search iParts4u to find a new glass protector for your handset. And once this is installed, it will not only look good as new, but will also be able to function unimpeded by any kind of flaw.

Pooling Resources

Plenty of people who repair smartphones like the Galaxy S4 as a profession can purchase Samsung phone parts to help customers get their devices working again. And here you can find different versions of similar components, such as the display assembly, designed for the different colours of models that the manufacturer has released over the years.

It is also possible for mobile owners who have never repaired a phone before to purchase spare parts, as long as they remember that they might be in a better position if they get in touch with an expert to install it rather than risking doing the work themselves.

Some spare parts are easier to install than others, and there are online guides available to help the uninitiated. But the affordable nature of repairs means that you can still bring a damaged device back from the brink and make savings compared with what you would have to pay to replace it with a brand new Galaxy S4.

Any Galaxy S4 spares that you order from iParts4u will be inspected before they are shipped, with some components coming with their own warranty which will cover you in the event of a fault developing. Best of all is the fact that they are all brand new, so when you refurbish a damaged handset you will be able to turn back the clock and make it seem as if it was just made yesterday, even if it has been a faithful sidekick for years and years.

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