Tab 2 - 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 – 10.1 Replacement Parts

The Tab 2 - 10.1" is an Android tablet that boasts a 1280x800 pixel screen that is 10.1 inches. It is the second generation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series. It is also available with a smaller screen. The device is nearly 1.3 pounds and has front and rear facing cameras.  This remains a very popular tablet with the marketplace but problems do arise and damage does occur. However, with some commitment, tutorials and the right quality parts you may be surprised at how many repairs can be carried out by you. Time and cost-saving, self-repair of these devices is well worth consideration. Have a look at our range of replacements and spares for this tablet PC here.

Tab 2 - 10.1

Repairing This Samsung Tablet 

Typically, our most popular replacement parts for this Tab family member are;

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1" Replacement LCD screen
  • Tab 2 - 10.1" replacement batteries and adhesives
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 charging units

Some questions we often get contacted about;

Is It Possible To Replace A Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - 10.1" LCD Screen?

Yes. If there is something wrong with the current screen, there is no need to replace the entire device. All you have to do is remove the LCD that is no longer working and replace it with a new one. We have screens that will fit your device perfectly.

Whether you decide to have a professional replace the screen for you or you opt to do it on your own, you can shop here for all of the necessary parts.

Can A Tab 2 Battery Be Easily Replaced?

When you have a tablet, it may be necessary to replace the battery as time progresses. They only last so long and once they begin to age, there is a chance that they will no longer hold a charge as well as they did initially. It is easy to purchase a battery and replace it as needed. In case you need adhesive to hold it in place, we sell that as well.

Can A Charging Unit Be Replaced?

Sometimes the charging unit on tablet malfunctions. If that happens, there is no way for your device to operate as it should. This is not something that can be solved by purchasing a new charger; you will have to buy a new charging unit and replace the one you currently have.

Whether you are dealing with a screen that is damaged, a battery that will no longer able to hold a charge, a dysfunctional charging unit or something else, we have all the parts you need to get your phone back in working order. We have competitive prices, excellent customer service and we stand behind all of the items that we sell. Get in touch with us right away if you have questions about your project or our parts. We are more than happy to help you, so call now.

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