Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800 LCD Assembly with home button - Black

~OEM LCD Screen Digitizer Assembly for Samsung Galaxy S5 mini G800 with Home Button Flex Cable - Bla..

£84.99 Ex Tax: £70.83

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800 LCD Assembly with home button - White

~OEM LCD Screen Digitizer Assembly for Samsung Galaxy S5 mini G800 with Home Button Flex Cable - Whi..

£84.99 Ex Tax: £70.83

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Series Home Button with Flex Cable Ribbon - White

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Series Home Button with Flex Cable Ribbon - White ..

£4.95 Ex Tax: £4.13

Spruce up your Samsung S5 Mini G800 with these spare parts instead of letting damage get the better of your favourite smartphone. The Samsung phone parts offered here are built with quality components and offer guaranteed compatibility with this compact yet powerful device. And with expert repair assistance, you can install them and undo damage affordably.

Take Action

When your Galaxy S5 Mini gets into a spot of bother, you may feel a bit powerless, with the prospect of having to pay a hefty sum to replace the handset looming over you.

Damage can be caused accidentally to mobile devices with alarming regularity, because although they are not unnecessarily fragile in construction, the kinds of situations they are taken into by owners are conducive to bumps, scrapes and drops occurring.

Malfunctions with the hardware are also entirely possible, since the complexity of the components means that even a minor issue which arises of its own accord will have far-reaching ramifications about how easily you can use the device.

However your Galaxy S5 Mini comes upon hard times, it is best to take action quickly and invest in spare parts to repair it rather than succumbing to the temptation to either ignore the issues and soldier on or dip into your savings to buy a new handset.

Call for Back-up

The replacement parts for the S5 Mini which can be found on iParts4u can help your device in various ways. And most often the disasters that take your phone out of action will originate with its front surface.

Aside from being repeatedly tapped, pinched, jabbed and generally manhandled, the front of the device is also the part that has the highest likelihood of being damaged as a result of a sudden impact. Even with the strengthened glass covering it, the display can crack, the panel beneath can become distorted and the array of other components that make up the front assembly can fall into disrepair at any point.

To get back-up in this situation you should snap up a replacement assembly, with multiple versions available depending on the colour of the Galaxy S5 Mini that you happen to have in your possession.

The best thing about buying a replacement display assembly is that this front panel of the phone contains lots of different components rather than consisting of a single part that needs to be combined with others to work effectively.

So as well as the protective glass, touchscreen digitizer and display panel, it also features things such as the home button and the capacitive keys that sit in the lower portion below the screen itself.

Repairing one or two of these parts at a time can be tricky, but with a full S5 Mini display assembly available from iParts4u you do not need to worry.

In addition, all of these components combined in the assembly are genuine Samsung phone parts. So you can be certain that no issues with compatibility or quality will arise once you have made your purchase.

The only stipulation to think about is the colour of the device you own and whether it matches the scheme of the assembly in question, because different models will only look the part if paired with the correct assembly.

Rapid Repairs

The types of spare phone components for the S5 Mini which are offered by iParts4u can change over time depending on availability and stock levels, so keep an eye out and contact us if you are in search of something specific which is not currently advertised on the site, especially if you are trying to get hold of a part quickly.

When you do buy parts, remember that the process of installing them is something which professional repair people will be best positioned to achieve safely and efficiently. Some basic repairs can be competently completed by amateurs at home, but for the more technical work it is sensible to seek out someone who not only has prior experience, but also the right tools for the job.

iParts4u keeps the cost of components as low as possible, even if they bear Samsung

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