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Premium Quality Aftermarket and Refurbished Sony Playstation Parts at iParts4U

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Sony Playstation


The Sony Playstation Console Family

PlayStation is a leading home entertainment brand of home gaming devices and games manufactured by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The family of products includes consoles, hand-held devices and games. If your device suffers damage and you need a genuine Sony PlayStation part, iParts4U can help. 

The two most common models of this gaming console are currently;

Playstation 3 (PS3) - The first console on the market with an inbuilt Blu-ray drive. The console allowed an external HDD and connected to WiFi.

Playstation 4 (PS4) - The controller in this model came with a share button, allowing users to share gameplay clips. PS4 also had a more powerful CPU than previous versions. It received two iterations, the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. 

The Need for PS Repairs

A console can require replacements for a number of reasons. Heavy use is a common cause of faulty consoles. Consistent use without proper servicing and maintenance will lead to the premature wear of various components. The control is among the first parts to suffer. If your DualShock controller is beyond repair, you can get a brand new or refurbished one here at iParts4U. 

Shock and impact can cause irreparable damage to certain components in your PS console. If your device falls or is hit, components such as the optical drive can break or come loose. 

An electrical fault is another reason you might have to get replacement PlayStation parts. Power outages, shock and inefficient power supply can damage some components in a PS console like the ports, cables and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can fix such issues by changing the affected parts. 

Repairing Sony Playstation Game Consoles 

Repairs to both the PS3 and PS4 can be carried out using replacement parts from our store. Our developing range includes;

  • Laser lens units
  • Blu-Ray DVD drives
  • Power supply adapters
  • Optical sensor boards
  • Internal cooling fans
  • Connector cables

Check back regularly as we are expanding our line of available spares over coming months.

We regularly provide answers to common questions asked by our customers about PS consoles. The following are amongst the most common;

Can I Replace A PS4 Laser Lens?

Yes. The laser in your gaming console can suffer damage from any number of things, primarily impact and shock. A faulty laser will have issues reading discs. A replacement laser lens is an easily available and replaceable Sony PlayStation part assuming you have the right skills. 

Is A PS3 HDMI Port Replaceable?

Broken or loose HDMI ports will interfere with the picture display of your PS3. It's possible to get new ports and switch them out with the defective ones on the console. Alternatively, if you are unsure about your knowledge level, we can repair your console for you. 

Can You Change A PS4 DVD Drive?

PlayStation allows for the replacement of the DVD drive on the PS4. However, ensure that you get a spare part that is compatible with the specific model of the console. Check with our service team if unsure.


iParts4U stocks new and refurbished PlayStation console spares that allow you to fix various issues with your PS. Buy quality parts and get back to gaming in no time. 

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