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Sony Tablet Parts Range

Sony's tablets are some of the more underrated tablets to enter the market. They have a lot of proprietary features that make them very useful, especially for those that own a PlayStation console. Sony has three primary tablets including the original Z2 tablet, the Z3 Compact tablet and the Z4 tablet. Great devices though these are, they can still develop faults or become damaged just through everyday use.  With the right parts, you can carry out your own repairs, saving time and money. See if we have the part or parts you need for the range of tablets here.

Sony Tablet Parts
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Sony Tablets And Repairing Them

These are great tablet devices but still prone to faults and damage. We typically see the following components requested most frequently for repair purposes.

LCD Replacement Screens 

The tablets each feature high-quality LCD screens that have great viewing angles. Due to using the tablet so often and because it is likely something that you carry with you on a daily basis, you might find yourself in need of a screen replacement. Therefore, you will need LCD replacement screens in order to successfully restore the tablet to its original condition. 

Back Covers

Another part that you might find yourself in need of would be a back cover replacement. If you find yourself needing to replace the back cover, you will want to get one that is not only high-quality but one that matches your original tablet. Your back cover might get scratched up or completely ruined over time. 

Flex Cables

Another part that you might find yourself in need of replacing would be the flex cables that come with it. These are the cables that can be used throughout the tablet for various functions including home buttons, WiFi antennas, and more. 

Memory Card Readers

Because the Sony tablets come with expandable memory, you will be able to add additional storage capacity to your tablet. This is one of the features that really makes the Sony tablets stand out on the marketplace. However, over time, you might find your memory card reader wearing out due to common wear and tear. If so, you will need to replace it. 

Ear Speakers

The Sony tablets have ear speakers that could stop functioning at some point. If this happens, you will be unable to hear people during calls. However, this is a very easy fix and all you need is a replacement speaker to complete it. 


Repairing Sony Tablets


Some of the questions we get asked regarding repairs to this tablet range. 


Is It Possible To Replace A Sony Tablet Screen? 


It is certainly possible to replace a Sony tablet screen. While many might assume that completing a tablet screen replacement would require advanced knowledge and experience, you should be able to complete the fix on your own with the right tools and by looking at various tutorials online. 


Can A Sony Tablet Battery Be Easily Replaced? 


While a battery replacement is less than ideal with a Sony-branded tablet, the replacement is not too difficult for a novice. In fact, you should be able to complete the replacement in as little as 30 minutes with proper attention to detail. You will need specific tools to complete the replacement including but not limited to opening tools, a Phillips #00 screwdriver, and possibly tweezers to grab the small components. 


Can A Sony Tablet Charging Unit Be Replaced?


If your Sony tablet is not charging anymore, you might need to replace the charging connector. If you find your tablet in need of this kind of replacement, it is entirely possible and it doesn't require specialised knowledge. You should be able to complete the replacement in under 30 minutes. 

If you are in need of Sony tablet replacement parts, we have some of the best prices on all of the parts and components that you could possibly need. In addition, we have all of the tools that you will need to complete the replacements. Simply order the parts you need from us and you will be able to mend your tablet quite quickly with the help of online turorials.

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