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Sony Z4 Tablet Replacement Parts

The Sony Z4 is a lightweight tablet in this manufacturers family of devices with a great quality 2K screen and a powerful processor. It is ideal for people who want a tablet that they can use for games, social media, and lightweight document editing while on the move. Since it is such a slimline tablet, however, it is prone to accidental damage. The good news is that most parts can be replaced and we hold stock of the major parts you will need to carry out a repair. 

Z4 Tablet
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Z4 Parts From Our Store

We stock replacement parts for this popular tablet pc including:

  • Charge ports
  • Flex cables
  • Speakers
  • LCD Screens

As well as other common parts. Contact us if you can’t find the part you need.

Is It Possible To Replace A Sony Z4 Tablet LCD Screen?

If your Z4 screen becomes cracked or damaged then you should replace it immediately before the damage becomes more severe. It is possible to replace a Z4 tablet LCD screen, although you may need to purchase some special tools to do so. If you decide to try to repair the screen yourself make sure that you complete the job in a dry, clean and dust-free area for best results.

Can a Z4 tablet battery be easily replaced?

With regular use, you may find that the battery in your device starts to drain more quickly and does not hold a charge properly. The good news is that it is possible to replace the battery. We stock a range of batteries that are compatible with Sony devices and that will bring your tablet PC back up to its former glory. There are many things that can affect the life of a battery, from the temperature it is operating in, to the apps that you run on your device. If you notice that your battery's performance is getting worse over time, consider a replacement.

Can a charging unit be replaced?

To prolong the life of your battery, and for safety reasons, it is important that you use a charger that was designed for your tablet PC. Generic chargers may not be powerful enough to charge your tablet at a reasonable speed. Some may even present a fire risk if they overhead.  We stock a selection of chargers which are designed with Sony tablets in mind, and that will charge your battery in a safe manner.

All of our parts come with a generous warranty and we offer a range of shipping options with same or next working day delivery as standard. Order your Sony Z4 replacement parts for us today for service and quality that you can trust.

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