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Premium quality replacement tablet parts available from iParts4U

Premium Quality Replacement Tablet Parts

Some of the earliest tablet-like devices were built during the 1990s. But it wasn't until 2009 that Android released their first tablet and changed our idea of what a tablet could be. The iPad quickly appeared and became the most successful of the devices and its name was synonymous with tablets. Companies like Samsung and Sony soon followed with their own unique devices. There has always been one truth about these devices that remains the same: they can be very fragile. Dropping a tablet from a table can completely shatter the screen. Plugging it in too forcefully or too many times can damage the charging unit. The batteries naturally die over time. The good news is that we carry the replacement parts you need to fix your favourite damaged devices whatever the popular brand you own.


The Common Spares For Tablet PC Problems

The invention of the tablet was met with mixed reviews upon release but they've since become a staple for most households. As such, it can be something of a nightmare should one of them break, not least because of the high cost of most repairs but also the time that is taken to send the device off, have it fixed and then sent back by official repair outlets. Fear not, iParts4u are on hand to provide you with the perfect tablet replacement parts to sort the issue. We stock parts from 3rd party manufacturers that attain our high standards of quality and reliability, plus cost-effectiveness. You can have complete confidence that our tablet replacements and spares are the best available for UK and global customers. 

What Are The Typical Repairs That Arise

The most common issues we see are;

LCD Screens

The LCD screen is the heart of the tablet's display and it's a commonly damaged tablet component. Whether the tablet fell from your hands, was pulled off the table, or someone stepped on it while it was on the floor; the LCD screen was probably cracked. An LCD screen can also suffer internal damage from years of use. This results in dead pixels on the screen that appear as black dots. 

Digitizer Faults

The digitizer is a layer of glass that is glued to the top of the LCD screen. It is responsible for converting the touch from your finger into a digital signal that the tablet can understand. Many times, it will appear as though the LCD is cracked when really it is only the digitizer on top of it. It is sometimes possible to replace the digitizer without needing to replace the LCD screen. That depends entirely on the model of the tablet.

Dead Or Failing Batteries

The batteries are responsible for keeping your tablet turned on. Batteries may die on a daily basis but can be recharged. However, they naturally lose their ability to hold a charge as they age. This is how a battery permanently dies. One day, you may realize your tablet dies when the battery says 50 per cent. That's how you know it's time to buy a replacement battery. These are all tablet parts that we carry for a huge selection of devices from Samsung, Apple, and Sony.

Are Tablet PC Repairs Difficult?

It depends but many are very straightforward given the great tutorials available on the web and, increasingly, in our library.

Is It Possible To Replace A Tablet LCD Screen?

Yes. Replacing a tablet screen may require a few special tools depending on the model. Replacing the screen by itself is not expensive either. Though, it does cost a little more when the digitizer and the LCD are bonded together and must be replaced as a single unit.

Can A Tablet Battery Be Easily Replaced?

Most tablet batteries are not designed to be removed like phone batteries. The back case is screwed to the housing or it may be sealed completely depending on the manufacturer. Nonetheless, it is possible to open the casing and replace the battery. You can find tutorials and videos for specific devices online. We carry most of the tools needed to make the exchanged as well as the replacement batteries.

Can A Tablet Charging Unit Be Replaced?

This will depend on the manufacturer and the specific model. Some charging units are simply cables that can be unplugged and replaced once the device is opened. In other cases, the charging unit is soldered to the circuit board and not easily removed.

Our Range Of Parts

We offer a warranty on every product in our stock, so you know you'll be in safe hands when you purchase from us. As well as that, you'll find all your purchases shipped out within a 24-hour period (excluding bank holidays and Weekends). 

We supply replacement parts for several different mainstream models of tablet including: 

You'll be able to find a wide range of different components in our store which will fix any issue your tablet might face. These include the likes of a cracked LCD screen, a broken charger port or, a common problem, a dead battery. 

If you're unsure what exactly is wrong with your device or you aren’t sure of the correct part for your problem then you can always get in touch with the iParts4u team. and ask them to rectify the problem for you. We're professionals in everything mobile-related, with a wide array of knowledge to call on in the sector. You're in good hands when you fix your broken tablet with us. 

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