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Tesa Tape

Official UK Supplier of Tesa Tape

iParts4U are proud to be an official UK distributor of tesa adhesive tape for the mobile device industry. Tesa is an industry-trusted brand for a multitude of electronic repairs for their reliable, high-quality adhesive tape. As a repairer, Tesa should always be on hand, so get your supplies at iParts4u. Available in different colours, lengths, and widths. 

Tesa Tape

tesa tapes are considered one of the best tapes to use in mobile device repair as the viscosity of the tape is very high, which means it will help bond digitizers, LCDs, back covers and many more parts to your device without the worry of the part coming unstuck unless you need it to. There are several different types of tesa tape – crack cover tape, double-sided tape and masking tape.


What's the difference between tesa 61395 and 4965?

Let's start with the 61395 this has a higher viscosity than the 4965 and the tape its self is black, this tape comes in 100-meter rolls and ranges from 3mm to 10mm, this is the tape we would recommend for repairs on digitizers and back covers, this ultra-strong adhesive can be relied upon to avoid separation issues. 

4965 is a clear tape with a red removable liner whilst still having a high viscosity strength its not as good like the 61395, however, this tape is thinner than the 61395 and maybe more suited to LCD screen repairs when some extra bonding is needed and where you do not want to add height to the repair. 


Why is Tesa Tape better than all the rest? 


We believe Tesa ape to be better than all the rest, as we have tested this tape on multiple repairs over the years and have found it does not allow a digitizer to lift off or come unstuck. It has been a reliable resource for us so we have invested heavily in the Tesa to allow other repair techs to give the same quality of repair we offer. 

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