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Replacement Parts For The Xbox One X

Among Microsoft video game consoles the Xbox One X is certainly a top console in its line. This console has top-notch features like Blu-ray Player, Dolby Atmos Compatibility a full-blown Ultra FD 4K and many more. We now stock repair parts for this console and our line is growing.

Xbox One X
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We would recommend that customers watch a few repair videos before undertaking this repair. Compati..

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A Top Quality Gaming Console

With this model, the 4K and HDR gameplay support also its gaming experience unmatched with any other console released in 2020. When it comes to design and appearance, the One X looks the same as its predecessor the One S but is a little bit smaller in size. The 12GB GDDR5 RAM combined with the 1172MHZ GPU engine and the six Teraflops of computing power gives the One X its sheer horsepower. Users have faster access to games from the Speed service. For example, you will get into the online MS store faster in the One  X than in predecessors, plus the game disk takes less time to load compared to other entertainment machines.

There are many reasons to purchase this console including super gaming speed, Dolby Atmos sound, Impressive 4K visuals and quiet operation, to name a few.

Replacement Microsoft Xbox One X Console Parts 

However, things can go wrong and repairs to your console may be needed. We are now stocking replacement parts for these popular video game consoles. We intend to expand our line of available parts while not compromising on quality and cost.

We are increasingly asked questions about repairing the One X system. here are the most popular with answers;

Can I Replace an Xbox One X Joystick mechanism?

Yes. You can purchase the replacement joystick module from both online stores and some of the land-based stores. The good thing about these Xbox One X parts is that they are compatible with Xbox One X and also with the previous models. You only need a T8 Screwdriver, a plastic pry tool and the Replacement Thumbstick for this model. An average level of technical skill is required for this replacement.

Can an Xbox One X HDMI Port be replaced?

Yes. It is possible to replace the HDMI port if you have the special tools required for disassembling and reassembling the console. Xbox One X parts including the HDMI port are available in the market. Make sure that the piece you purchase is compatible with your device. Consider the services of a qualified repairer like ourselves if you are unsure you have the required skills.

Can You Change An Xbox One X Hard Drive?

One major drawback of this console is its hard drive storage space. The 1 TB space may not be enough given that some of the games take up to 5GB. This means that you may need to upgrade the hard drive sometime. To reach the hard drive, you have to separate the case, remove the Wi-Fi board and speaker, and then remove the console chassis. You can access the hard drive from here and replace it with the hard drive of your choice. It would be best if you were extra cautious to avoid causing any damage or get in touch if you need technical repair advice.

Contact us if you can’t find the part you need – we may already have it in our store.

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