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Features Of The Sony Xperia C - A Long Lasting Battery

The Sony Xperia C hit Chinese markets in 2013 and sold over a million units within the three months. It became a hugely popular phone in the country and eventually spread to places like Russia, India, Thailand, and the Philippines. The Xperia C was a fairly advanced device for its time, extremely affordable, and had a surprisingly powerful battery. It is still bought and sold today in many places in Asia and Europe. However, finding replacement Xperia C batteries if yours begins to lose charge or is damaged, can prove quite difficult (at least for a reasonable price). Have a look at our batteries for this Smartphone and enjoy buying at affordable prices from a top UK-based supplier.

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What Are the Features Of An Xperia C Battery?

The features of the Xperia C may not be able to stand up to the powerhouse mobile devices that we are used to today like the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy, but it was honestly never meant to. The low price point and the dual SIM slots make this phone an excellent choice for consumers in low-income countries or where cellular signal is very weak. And one of its strongest advantages is its battery as well as the software features that allow that battery to stay charged for long periods of time.

Behind the back cover of the phone is a powerful 2390mAH lithium-ion battery. In comparison, the power-hungry Amazon Fire Phone used a 2400mAH battery. This battery was capable of delivering long talk times that varied according to whether the 3G or 2G SIM network was being used. With the 2G network, talk time was capped at 14 hours of continued use. On the 3G network, talk time was capped at 12 hours and 25 minutes of continued use. There are popular Galaxy and HTC phones with significantly less talk time.

The long talk time isn't the only good feature that this battery offers. After all, most people don't talk on their phone constantly. What if that time was split up between talking, web browsing, watching videos, and letting the phone sit idle? One service performed a similar test and the phone lasted for an impressive 68 hours. And what if you simply leave it idle without using it? You can expect it to last between 588 and 608 hours depending on the network.

Features That Keep The Battery Alive

There are two key features that lend to this extended battery life. First, this was the first Sony phone to use a MediaTek SoC. Despite being a quad-core chip, it is a low-consumption chip with excellent power efficiency. Second, the phone has a new battery stamina mode feature that decreases power consumption during standby time. Overall, this combination of hardware and software features are what keep the battery alive and working for very long periods of time.

Why Buy From iParts4U

We offer quality battery replacements at an attractive price but this is also coupled with our other benefits our customers can expect;

  • 12-Month guarantee for all our Xperia C battery replacements.
  • 30-day returns for replacement of any battery you receive from us that is faulty.
  • Quick dispatch, normally the same day or next working day in the case of very late orders. 
  • Check to see if our lifetime (of the battery) guarantee applies to your purchase (look for the lifetime badge)
  • Great support at any time from our in-house staff if required

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