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Zhanlida Adhesive


Zhanlida Adhesive
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Zhalinda B-6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive For LCD Glass Size: 110ml   ..

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Zhanlida bonding adhesive is one of the most commonly used adhesives in the mobile phone repair industry. it is used as it has a medium viscosity which allows for the glue to be easily be removed if needed, so for example, if you were to stick an iPad digitizer down with B7000 adhesive, then you could easily remove this afterwards, all you would need to do is heat the digitizer up and it will pry off as normal. however, the digitizer will not easily lift off as you get with some adhesives. 

What's the difference between B7000, T7000 and T8000?

A common question is what is the difference between the three types of glue, well T7000 and T8000 is a waterproof adhesive both are the same product the only difference is 1 is black and 1 is clear, we have made this clear in the title of each product. B7000 is designed for LCD frame repair and is a thicker substance, it can be used on iPad digitizer replacement however we recommend Tesa tape for this. 

What is T7000 and T8000 used for?

This type of adhesive is used for repairs where waterproofing a repair is necessary, for example replacing the back glass on an iPhone 8 and upwards you may want to use this type of bonding agent, the other is an iWatch screen repair some techs use this type of adhesive for this type of repair. 


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